Cool Classics
Publisher: TellTale Productions, 1956 Circle Park Lane, Encinitas, CA 92024

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Cool Classics is a collection of four short plays for students of English. Full of interesting characters and situations, the plays are a cool way to improve listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Written in lively, real-life American English, each play is fun to read and even more fun to perform. Imaginative preview and review activities will bring out the best in students and teachers. Language learning can be playful with Cool Classics!
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The Plays
  • The Wall: Clever Tommy Sayero manages to get his friends--and even his enemies--to do his work for him, and pay for the privilege. (Based on the "The Glorious Whitewasher" from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain)

  • 10,000 Baskets: Money can't buy everything--or can it? What happens when Ms. Buckley, a powerful business executive, learns the answer is not what she expected? (Based on "Assembly Line," a short story by B. Traven)

  • The Cowboy and the Wildcat: No one wants to marry "wild" Katarina until Pedro comes along-- and Katarina doesn't want to marry him. How can their marriage possibly work? (Based on The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare)

  • The Necklace: Rosa, a pretty, self-centered young woman, is forced to change her life when she loses a borrowed necklace. (Based on "The Necklace' by Guy de Maupassant)

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About the Authors
Lonnie Burstein Hewitt taught English as a Second Language and creative writing for the San Diego Community College District for over a decade. She has written plays for Broadway, songs for Sesame Street, and a popular local guidebook, Walking San Diego. She also authored The Little Red Writing Book: A Practical Guide to Writing Your Own Life Story, and currently writes about travel, nature, and lifestyle for local and national publications.

Penny Bernal teaches English as a Second Language and World Literature for the San Dieguito High School District in Encinitas, CA. She has taught writing at the college level and Drama Curriculum for ELD teachers at UCSD and National University. She is a frequent presenter at CATE and CATESOL specializing in literacy through drama. She has been a Project Specialist for Project Write, a literature based writing program for ESL students.
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